Fire Rated Downlight Loft Cone

Fire Rated Downlight Loft Cone
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The Fire-Rated Downlight Loft Cone fulfils the latest requirements of BS EN 60598 plus other international lighting standards, when covered with insulation (at times referred to as ‘capped-F’ type). It adheres to maximum external temperatures as requested by IEC, even if cool beam lamps are used.

Downlights which are recessed are frequently used in many houses. What most people don’t know is that they bring with them a potential fire hazard, especially when they have been buried in loft insulation. A lot of house fires have resulted from burning of combustibles within ceiling spaces, which results when hot downlights are covered with insulation.

Fire-Rated Downlight Loft Cone is perfect for dichroic and aluminium reflector lamps for a power rating of up to 50W and cut out dimensions ranging from 50 to 100mm. The protective gadget is 30-minute fire-rated and rigid enough to support loft insulation.
  • Allows continuous insulation over lights
  • 30 Minute fire rated
  • Reduces fire risk by keeping combustibles away from hot down-light
  • Rigid and capable of supporting loft insulation away from light fitting
  • Suitable for use on aluminium reflector and dichroic reflector lamps up to 50W
  • Thermal test BS EN 60598 Section 12.4 and BS 476 Part 20