Stairway Level +9 4969

Stairway Level +9 4969
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When you place by the lift shaft or on the stairwell our stairway level +9 4969 sign, you make it clear to occupants that they have reached the ninth floor. This is very important as floors on a building tend to look quite similar. The sign features “+9” set in white against a green background such that it is readily recognisable. In the dark, this special AAA photoluminescent sign glows to remain visible. The stairway level +9 4969 sign is manufactured in the UK by Jalite using highly durable plastic. Available in a variety of size options, this sign is easily fixed using double-sided tape or some simple sticky pads.
  • Various size options available
  • Special AAA Photoluminescent
  • Top quality rigid plastic
  • Manufactured in the UK by Jalite