Slide To Open 4303

Slide To Open 4303
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In the event of an emergency, signs that give simple clear instructions play a vital role in saving lives and property. Our slide to open 4303 sign is one such sign. The sign features the symbol of a panel or a handle sliding to the right. This is important especially to visitors in your building who are not fully familiar with the instruction beforehand. The sign’s symbol and textual instruction are white against a green background. This creative colour scheme provides the level of contrast that enhances the visibility of the sign.

In order to maintain this visibility in all lighting situations, the slide to open 4303 sign is special AAA photoluminescent: it will glow in the dark. The slide to open 4303 sign, manufactured by Jalite, UK, comes in size PT (100mm×300mm) and is made of top quality rigid plastic. This sign is simple to fix as you only need some sticky pads or double-sided tape.
  • Size PT - 100mm x 300mm
  • Special AAA Photoluminescent
  • Top quality rigid plastic
  • Manufactured in the UK by Jalite