Neoprene Welding Blanket

Neoprene Welding Blanket
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There are two medium duty welding blankets in our range and one heavy duty welding blanket. The neoprene coated blanket will protect from cutting sparks and medium weld splatter and can be used where oil, vapours, grease and acidic liquids are present. And, as with the other two types, it will not deteriorate over time from weathering or flexing.

The neoprene coated version will drape over objects but is not as flexible as the medium duty welding blanket. But, it is great for use as a curtain or drape and has brass eyelets to fix in position.

This high performing medium duty version is the most popular because it has the best 'drapability'. In other words, the material is more flexible for draping over objects.

Click this link to see the heavy duty welding blanket
  • 5 sizes available
  • Neoprene coated
  • Suitable for draping over surfaces or hanging
  • Brass eyelets to fix in position
  • Manufactured by Homesaver