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First aid provision within your company is a legal requirement, so you should provide your trained first aid personnel with the best first aid kits available.

For small businesses, or departments within a large company, the 10 person first aid kit provides all the necessary items to treat minor injuries, packed in an airtight green box. This invaluable range of first aid items is also available in 20 person and 50 person sizes.

An eyewash kit is essential in any manufacturing premises, laboratory, or indeed, any dusty environment too. The kit provides a supply of sterile eye treatments to minimise injury.

Catering staff should always have access to their own dedicated first aid kit, not just for the range of items they might require, but to ensure access to high-visibility blue plasters.

Workers using processes involving heat, from hot liquids to naked flames, should be provided with a specialised burns first aid kit. The distinctive red box provides sterile burns treatments when they are needed most.

First Aid Kits for Vehicles

For company cars, vans or lorries, our compact vehicle first aid bag provides everything from bandages to scissors, plus a handy HSE First Aid guidance leaflet, in one neat green pouch.

Remember to order your home and travel first aid kit too! This family-sized pouch contains essentials for common minor accidents at home, and is so light, you can pop it in your suitcase for foreign travel.