Fire exit down right sign

Fire exit down right sign
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Made from high quality durable and rigid plastic, our Fire Exit Down Right Sign by Jalite has a distinct white arrow diagonally pointing down towards the right. This is a clear indication that the fire exit doors can be reached if you go down, and turn right. This is a very handy sign to have in cases of fire and a building needs to be evacuated immediately. Depending on the area where the sign will be posted, there are different sizes of our Fire Exit Down Right Sign available. For regular-sized hallways or rooms, the standard size T will do, since it is 340mm x 120mm, with a viewing distance of 17 metres.

Larger offices and warehouses will opt for the 400mm x 150mm size K, since it can be viewed even from 22 metres away. However, for exhibitions and shopping centres, the size J sign is the most ideal, since it can be seen from as far away as 30 metres.