8 Zone Fire Alarm Kit

8 Zone Fire Alarm Kit
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By purchasing the 8 Zone Fire Alarm Kit, you will have a good basis from which to build a fire alarm system. With the C-tec fire alarm panel, you will be able to add up to 8 zones to your system. This then gives an accurate idea of where a fire is located, saving time when the fire brigade arrives.

This package also comes with 2 backup batteries for a power supply when the electricity goes off. This will power the 4 optical smoke detectors, heat detectors, 5 bases, call points and sounders which are on the system. All together, they make up an effective system which will detect a fire and then raise the alarm, but also allows users to raise the alarm with ease.

Should you need them, fire cable and fixings are sold separately.

  • 1 x C-tec 2 zone fire alarm panel
  • 4 x Apollo series 65 optical smoke detectors
  • 1 x Apollo series 65 heat detector
  • 5 x Apollo series 65 diode bases
  • 2 x KAC surface call points
  • 2 x Fulleon Roshni deep base sounders
  • 2 x 2.8ah 12vdc backup batteries
  • LPCB approved to EN54
  • CE marked